Every year on Easter Sunday the Zobrist family gets together and does a sunrise service. We all meet before the sun rises (around 5:30am) and drive up to the red rocks... There a family is in charge and we learn about the Savior and the Resurrection while watching the sun rise. After that we all make scones and have OJ. It's really fun. This was my 3rd year going, Mark's family was in charge, he first spoke about Easter and how it's different than most holidays because it doesn't have a specific date, then he passed it over to his son, Caleb and his new Fiancee Nicole. They talked about Jesus and the Resurrection. They did such a good job! Then Mark told a little bit about Daniel's grandpa, who died about 11 years ago. It was so nice to hear all the stories that they told about him. Anyway, it was such a good Easter Morning! Hope you all had a great Easter!!! xoxo

Everyone finding a seat And the boys claiming their rock. There were over 70 people this year!
Darren, Cami , Rachel, and their friends who came along.

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