We just bought a house! We signed our contact in late February and ever since then we've been obssesed with driving by our lot to see what they've been doing. As of today they have built the foundation. It should be built and ready for us to move in around mid August or September. We are so excited!!! It has 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. It's in a really nice community right by the mountain. It was so much fun going to the design studio to pick out all our options! And everytime someone comes in town to visit us, we can't help it but bring them by and show them the model! haha!


Jules said...

Look at your prego belly! I love it. That's awesome...I didn't know you guys were building a house! We'll have to come visit and check it out!

The Dye's said...

Thanks! :) Yeah, we are really excited about it! You guys will definately have to come and see it!