Happy Anniversary

On August 5, 2005, Daniel and I were sealed for time and all eternity in the Las Vegas Nevada Temple. Today is our 2 year anniversary! These past two years have been absolutely amazing! Not only am i married to my BEST FRIEND, we also welcomed our first little baby girl to the world last month! I cannot even begin to explain the amount of joy and happiness that i have felt in these years. Daniel has put me on the highest pedestal and made me his queen! He shows me love constantly and always makes sure my needs and wants are met! Here are some reasons why i love him and why he is my dream come true (in random order):

1. He is so handsome
2. He is a hard worker
3. He is a great father
4. He is an amazing husband
5. He likes sports
6. He is patient
7. He is non-judgmental
8. He loves his family
9. He loves my family
10. He gets along with everyone and anyone
11. He is good with people
12. He served a mission (in Spain)
13. He speaks Spanish
14. He likes to dance when no one is watching
15. He makes me smile
16. He makes me laugh
17. He always thinks of others before himself
18. He likes to read
19. He's a good kisser
20. He always wants to learn something new
21. He likes the
discovery channel
22. He li
kes to travel
23. He dreams big
24. He's smart
25. He loves the church
26. He always makes sure he does his home teaching
27. It's impossible for him to tell a lie
28. He's a good driver
29. He's an eagle scout
30. He likes to laugh
31. He is a good example
32. He likes to cook
33. He is a good cook
34. He loves soccer
35. He played soccer in high school
36. He loves to play rook
37. He is a good teacher
38. He worked at the MTC
39. He likes road trips
40. He is a sucker
for puppies
42. He is a dog lover
43. He love
s kids
44. He wants to have a big family
45. He is a early riser
46. He likes to chew gum
47. He likes going to the movies
48. He likes video games
49. He loves the computer and he knows alot about them
50. He was born and raised in Las Vegas
51. He will do anything i want to do
52. He takes me out on dates
53. He has been on a church history tour that went from Vegas to New York
54. He likes to surprise me
55. He will someti
mes surprise me with the house clean
56. He loves his job
57. He loves chips and salsa
58. He likes to camp
59. He loves the military channel... him, his dad and his brother can sit and watch it all day long!
60. He is thoughtful
61. He likes to watch The Office
62. He'll watch chick flicks with me
63. He has been trying to get me to watch The Gladiator forever, but i didn't want to see the rated R parts so he TIVOed it so i could watch the edited version
64. He buys me flowers and knows my favorite kind!
65. He knows everything about me
66. He likes to wakeboard

67. He loves to hold his new little girl
68. He likes to go on vacations
69. He enjoys watching the Fox news channel, specifically O'Reilly Factor and Hannity and Comles
70. He is a republican
71. He loves to help people
72. He is still a little boy at heart
73. He likes to go shooting in the desert
74. He likes to play airsoft
75. He likes to take pictures
76. He is a good friend
77. He liked transformers as a kid and went and saw the movie the day it came out with his buddies... he loved it!
78. He played the saxophone in high school
79. He is always positive
80. He is a good snowboarder
81. He taught me how to ski
82. He loves to go to the temple
83. He likes to hike
84. He likes to try new things
85. He is not a
picky eater
86. He likes to take walks
87. He always opens door for me
88. He should have been a financial planer, because he loves all that kind of stuff
89. He'll take a scoop of ice cream any day... just like me! :)
90. He loves to drive
91. When he was 2 he knew every state and capital
92. He loves Spain and the Spanish culture
93. He loves to tell people about the gospel
94. He likes to keep his hair short
95. He never gets mad, seriously!
96. He has the most beautiful blue/green eyes
97. He loves to hug me
98. He says the sweetest things
99. He is my dream come true
100. He loves me so much!!!!

Happy Anniversary Babe!! I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND ALWAYS! xoxo


Linda LaPierre said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your day! Love you. Aunt Linda xoxox

Jules said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you guys!

Heather said...

ok can you two be any cuter? : )

Heather said...

ok can you two be any cuter? : )

David, Lindsey and Tyler said...

Awww that was sweet, Dan is great, you both are great, say hi and give loves to Kate for us!
Happy Anniversary!

Tanya said...

Happy Anniversary!! I tried calling you but I had the wrong number.

Heidi said...

Wow - only two years and you found 100 things! I am so impressed. Congrats on #2!