Oh Canada...

Every summer since Daniel can remember his family has taken a trip to Waterton Glacier National Park, Canada. Daniel's grandma (aka grannybird) is from Alberta, Canada and her and her sisters share a cabin in Waterton. It is such a beautiful place and a privaledge to go there! Usually this tradition also consists of the 15/16 hour road trip there, but having a new baby forced us to fly to Great Falls, Montana and only drive 3 1/2 hours to Waterton. My first time going was 2 years ago, we drove all 15/16 hours straight through, all seven of us in the suburban, so i'll have o say flying was really nice.
Ron, Kathie and Darren drove and picked us up in Great Falls and we arrived in Waterton on Saturday afternoon. It's a small town with a few hotels and cabins. Deer roam all around the town and occasionally a bear will stroll around, as one did this year. The first day we got there i was enjoying the outdoors and saw some deer right behind the cabin, i yelled for Brooklyn to come and see, as we were watching them they ran in back of the cabin to the other side, brooklyn and i followed them, then all the sudden we see a black bear crossing the road! He was beautiful! Unfortunately i was too busy watching him that i didn't pull my camera out.
Well, the week went on and we had so much fun. Daniel golfed pretty much everyday, we went bear watching, kayaking(i stayed with Kate), horseback riding, rock skipping at the lake, we played tennis and games at the park, celebrated Brittany Benson's 19th birthday and Kate's One month birthday, we went for a boat ride, then a picnic, some went hiking, we went for walks around the town, and of course got our daily dose of Big Scoop Ice Cream! :) Daniel took me out for a pre-anniversary dinner at Zum's, we hung out around the cabin and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We got back on Friday, but did not want to leave! We cannot wait to go back next year, it will be even more fun when Kate is one! I cannot believe she is only one month old and she has already taken a road trip, flew on a plane, and even crossed the border, what a little traveler!

Cameron Falls

At The Cabin

Boat Ride and Picnic

Just hanging around the cabin
Daniel and Kate taking a nap

Horseback riding...


Tanya said...

Britt, you gotta tell me where you get those headbands. I have been looking everywhere!

David, Lindsey and Tyler said...

Wow that was fast, we went on our trip almost 2 weeks ago and i dont have any pics up, thanks for one uping me! lol, great pictures! Kates a cutie
love you see you bye!