Well... i, as jules is, am a blog stalker... and i have seen this as well... so here are my answers... Maybe there will be something in here that you did not know about me...
P.S... Canada Pictures soon to come...

4 jobs I've had:
1) Sonic Drive-In Car-hop
2) Acme Oyster House - New Orleans Lakeshore
3) Spring Communications
4) Xyience

4 movies I can watch over and over:
1) A Lot Like Love
2) School Of Rock
3) How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days
4) Miracle

4 favorite books (well i'm not a huge reader, so that makes me a lover of childrens books...):
1) Alexander and the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
2) Frindle
3) Bridge To Terabithia
4) Any Cook Books

4 favorite movies (in random order):
1) I Am Sam
2) Sweet Home Alabama
3) Miracle
4) Sleeping Beauty

4 places I've lived :
1) Miami, Florida
2) New Orleans/Metairie, Louisiana
3) Provo, Utah
4) Las Vegas, Nevada

4 favorite TV shows:
1) Friends
2) The Office
3) So You Think You Can Dance
4) The Price Is Right

4 favorite reality TV shows:
1) The Apprentice
2) Road Rules/Real World Challenge
3) The Bachelor
4) Man Vs. Wild

4 of my favorite places I've been:
1) Spain
2) Waterton, Canada
3) New York
4) Riviera Maya, Mexico

4 favorite foods:
1) PB & J
2) Lasagna
3) Chicken Fajitas
4) Chips and Salsa

4 websites I check daily:
1) Blogs
2) GMail
3) Wells Fargo
4) PBK

4 favorite hobbies:
1) Making baby headbands (is my newest hobbby)
2) Baking
3) Digital Scrapbooking (still learning, but i love it!)
4) Painting at Color Me Mine

4 friends I'd like to tag:
1) Lindsey Parkinson
2) Jaclyn Anderson, so she can start a blog :)
3) Jamie Zobrist
4) Aimee Roberts

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Shawna B. said...

You're a MOMMY!!! How fun to get an update on your life!!!! Baby Kate is an absolute angel - such a beautiful baby. You did great! :) I can tell you and Daniel are crazy about her - she's a lucky baby indeed to have such wonderful parents. It sounds like life is good in your neck of the woods. I'm excited for your new home!