Happy Halloweeny...

Yesterday we had a family Halloween Party. It is the 3rd Annual Zobrist Halloween Party, and might i say, we had a blast! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! People can show their creativity and you can be whatever you want for it! This year for us presented a new challenge because of our little addition. I thought and thought about what we all could be... A bunch of ideas flooded my mind but it is pretty hard to find some good 0-6 month costumes.... So i'll have to save those for another year. Then i found this cute cute Bunny costume at Costumecraze.com. (Thanks Dave for picking these costumes up for us! :) ) I got the costume about 2 months ago and was worried it would be a bit on the big side... but my little Katesy came through for me and filled it out. Anyway... without further a due... here are the costumes of the night. Which is your favortie?


Presenting our little Pink Bunny...

The Magican, Dan The Great and His bunny

And now... for the GRAND ACT OF THE NIGHT.... Tada! (I am the magician's assistant)

The witches (Kris and Brooklyn)

Arrr, matey come aboard our ship... (Kara, Brady, Josh)

The witch and the troll (Kris and Lloyd)

Scarrrrry... (Richard and Angie)

Z-O-B-R-I-S-T what does that spell? ZOBRIST! GO TEAM GO! (caleb and nicole)

Prego? By who? Ooooh, THE MILKMAN.... (Kathie and Ron)

rrrrr.... yo ho yo ho, a pirates life for me (Brady)

Peter Pan, Tink and OH NO!!! - HOOK!!! (Jamie, Lily, Jake)

Abra Cadabra.... and out of the Hat the bunny comes!

The cake Kathie made and i decorated... :)


Linda LaPierre said...

What a cute bunch of halloween partyers...Kate looks so adorable in that bunny suit. Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxo

Mary said...

SO CUTE, Brittney! The bunny by itself is cute, but with a magician and an assistant... it is awesome! You're a babe, by the way. I love all of it!

Heather said...

Everyone look so cute. I wish we were there ;)

David, Lindsey and Tyler said...

Oh wow, you guys' costumes turned out great and it looks like you guys had a good party too!

Kerry Hogle said...

i love the rabit and magician theme. That is one of the cutest i've seen in awhile

Heather said...

TAG your it. Haha!! I just tagged you on my blog. :)

lelly said...

it looks like a very fun party!

Runyon Family said...

Brittney, Nitosha showed me your blog. Very cute! Your baby is so adorable and growing so fast!


Derek, Lindsey, and Nixon said...

Looks like so much fun. Kate is absolutely adorable. I love the the matching family halloween costumes!