to my...

best friend, husband, eternal companion, soul mate, mi amor...


My life is completely happy because of you! Thank you for your love, and friendship! I hope you have a great Birthday!!!! xoxo

26 things that i think about when i think of you:

1. handsome
2. fun
3. my best friend
4. daddy
5. supportive
6. funny
7. your smile
8. your laugh
9. strong willed
10. selflessness
11. spiritual
12. smart
13. friendly
14. helper
15. worker
16. hard worker
17. kind
18. tender-heart
19. loyal
20. you know what you want
21. nerdy, in a cute way :) -you know what i mean
22. handy man
23. camper
24. traveler
25. student
26. teacher

Happy Birthday babe! Love Ya!


Linda LaPierre said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Daniel! Enjoy your day. Love you. Aunt Linda

Parkinson Family said...

cute! happy birthday!

Jack Attack said...

happy birthday daniel! thanks for having us over for cake and ice cream.

Kathy's Boys said...

I always knew I had good lookin' neighbors. Happy
Birthday Daniel. I think you have turned out to be
awesome and you have such a darling wife and daughter!

Mom said...

Oh Brittney you have a great hubby!!!
Love you both