Independence Day part 3 - Goodbye

The next morning was pretty relaxing. We got up and got ready to leave. Packed up the car, but before leaving made a few stops... First to lunch at Guru's.

Where kate was putting chicken on her head? Don't ask, cause i don't know why or where she learned that.

Then as we were leaving the Spanish Fork Beauty Queen couldn't resist Kate and came right up to her, so i couldn't resist a picture.

After that we stopped by the quilting store and i picked up a kit, which i'm very excited about!!! Then to Heather's for a bit and then to the open road...

So we thought our independence day journey was over, until Kate was being a little fussy in the car... Every time we make this drive Kathie always tries to convince us to stop at Cove Fort, we always shut her down so we don't have to make our already long trek longer. But this time we stopped thanks to Kate. And must i say, we should have stopped long ago. It was so beautiful and the spirit there was so strong. We were greeted by Elder Bae who invited us to tour the Fort and have him as a tour guide. We accepted his gracious invitation and learned alot for him. Brigham Young asked Ira Hinckley (Pres Hinckleys grandfather) to go forth with his family and build this fort. It was gorgeous and had many rooms, it also had a barn, a blacksmith shop, and a beautiful garden. Elder Bae told us that this was how it exactly was, they remade it just how the pictures and journals said it was.

Then Elder Bae told us about the fires last year. He said that they fire stopped just feet away from the Fort, it was amazing. He said that when President Hinckley dedicated the Fort that he pronounced a special blessing against harm... it was pretty powerful to stand and look out back of the Fort and see how close the fires actually stopped. We are so glad Kathie suggested that we stop there and so glad Kate was fussy enough that it made me stop. Next time you make the drive (between beaver and filmore) i highly recommend that you stop! It was well worth it!

in the picture to the right you can see where the fence is for the Fort and where the fire stopped (where the brown is)

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Parkinson Family said...

gurus and cove fort are both awesome!
i went to cove fort with rocio and adrian like 5 yrs ago when i was here, thats pretty amazing about the fire