On Tuesday (July 8th) Daniel and I went on a pretty luxurious date... I completely surprised Daniel! -- a brief background... Daniel NEVER gets surprises, for birthdays, father's day, Christmas he always just tells me exactly what he wants or buys it himself for me to give to him. -- So when the opportunity arose, i grabbed onto it!
A few weeks ago he was saying how he'd like to see some shows on the strip... a few in particular (Beatles love and Phantom)... i took a mental note and thought, what a fun surprise date idea! (since i wanted to see it too!) I decided on Phantom Of The Opera because i knew he had wanted to see it for a while. So i bought the tickets, called the babysitter (Kathie and Rach -- THANKS!!) and my make-up specialist(Rachy again -- thanks, loved it!!!), made dinner reservations, got a dress, called my hair dresser (and good friend michelle, thank you!) and made BIG plans!
My Plans: Get ready, surprise daniel at work, dinner, show, then home.
The Day went pretty much as planned:
1:00 pm - Go to Limelight for Hair apt... i didn't actually have an apt, michelle just fit me in, thanks you are seriously awesome! (kate was a little fussy)
2:00 pm - head to Nordy's for make-up with Rachel. (kate was good for the most part, Emily helped out with watching her while rach did her thing)-- Rachel did such a good job that i slept with my make-up on cause i didn't want to take it off... haha.
3:00 pm - run to Forever 21 to get accessories for my great RED SATIN DRESS (that i got at Ross for $25!)
3:30 pm - headed home (kate fell asleep) grabbed my shoes, dress, camera, and kate's pj's.
4:15 pm arrived at Kathie's, changed quickly ran out the door to go surprise daniel (dinner reservation were at 5pm)
4:30 pm - Got to the office, walked into Ron's office where daniel and ron were, daniel looked at me surprised and said "wow! what are you all dressed up for" i said "surprise! i'm taking you out on the town! Just the two of us!" He was completely surprised and said "what?! i'm excited!" -- Side note: I was going to bring daniel a nice shirt and tie, but the morning worked out perfect, cause we kinda woke up late so i said i'll pick out your clothes, so i picked out a nice shirt, dress pants and a nice tie... so he was already dressed up. --
5:00 pm - arrived at Canaletto in the Venetian.. had a delicious meal!

6:15 pm - picked up our tickets and sat down.
7:00 pm - Phantom started.
8:45 pm - heading to Kathie's to pick up our little one...

The show was absolutely AMAZING!!! We both LOVED it!! The set was incredible and the cast was phenomenal! We had great seats and i couldn't have asked for a better night! Love You Daniel!!! Hope you had fun! -- I know he did!!!!

one of the ushers took this... it's not good, but it's the only one we took inside the theater that was built especially for phantom.

And we lived happily ever after...


Jack Attack said...

you guys are so cute! didn't you just love Phantom? I would go again in heart beat. And Cove Fort...Aaron always wants to stop when we drive to/from Park City. We'll have to do it next time.

Linda LaPierre said...

What a sweet thing to do, Britt! And you both looked amazing!!! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

carly said...

i saw phantom a little while ago, didn't you love it? you two look so cute

Parkinson Family said...

you both look great, that was a good surprise. I love phantom, glad you guys got to see it

The Wheeler's said...

How fun!! I wanna go!