Baby, it's cold outside.

Our Christmas party was a huge success! We had 250+ people there (way more than we expected), a great little program and great food, including the fabulous and most delicious hams ever, made by our friend Jason (LV Bajio Owner). Thanks Jason, i can't tell you how many people raved about that ham. Unfortunately no pictures were taken, i was too busy and forgot my camera at home. Anyway... in other news... it's semi snowing today. Nothing really sticking, but it sure does get me in the mood for christmas. Kate is sleeping, mom is on her way into town, i haven't showered today [yet] and right now i'm trying to get my Christmas cards ready for delivery.

P.S. My birthday is only 2 days away! Yay!

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Parkinson Family said...

thats awesome it was snowing!