ward christmas party.

Yes, we are still in the activities committee, we're actually in charge. So the planning is over and we are in full party mode making sure everything looks pretty, sounds pretty and tastes pretty. The party starts friday, december 12th at 6:30pm at the buffalo/robindale chapel (you're invited by the way). Until about 10 pm that night you probably won't be hearing from me via blogging, i have much to do and little time to do it.
Regular posting will resume on Saturday. Thank you for your patience. loves.


Natalie said...

Oh the ward parties! Anth and I are in charge of our Activities Committee as well. But luckily our Christmas party is done and overwith. Good luck with yours!

Patrick and Hollie Davis said...

Hey Brit! I love your Christmas decorations. So darling! Hope the party went well and that you weren't too busy refilling drinks to enjoy and take some cute pictures! I am sure it was fabulous!

Parkinson Family said...

hope it was fun!