Drama at the grocery store

On our way home from my parents house we stopped by Smith's to pickup a few things (we probably should've just waited until tomorrow). Anyway, we split up to different parts of the store and I was pushing Kate in one of those carts with the car front. I just picked up the milk and was walking back towards the center of the store to meet up with Brittney. This little boy, probably 3-4 years old, was walking towards our cart and extended his hand telling us to stop. I stop, thinking that he just wants to play crossing guard or something like that. Then he moves to the side and out of no where smacks Kate across the face. I immediately feel a rush of adrenaline and this is how the drama unfolded...

Me yelling at little boy who thought his actions were ok: "You DO NOT hit her!"

His mom then approached and grabbed him by the arm and gave him a spanking on the rear.

She asked him "why did you hit her?"

He replied "cause I don't like her"

This whole time poor little Kate shuttered away inside the little car with her head down.

I say to the mom "you need to keep a leash on him, he's obviously out of control"

She replies "he's not a dog and we don't treat him like one" (I think ya right, he just learned tonight that it's completely acceptable to approach a stranger, a little girl for that matter, and just smack her across the face)

By this time Brittney heard my yelling and found us. The lady's mom and little boy's g'ma was also approaching. We had a few more heated exchanges which ended with the g'ma dropping a few F bombs towards us. As we walked towards the front of the store to check out we could still hear her yelling at him, hitting him and him screaming from the back of the store.

In retrospect I wonder if I could've reacted differently or if my actions were in line. Obviously I'm Kate's dad and am there to stand up for her. Honestly, I've never thought through a situation like this to prepare myself how to react.

Have any of you experienced a grocery store encounter like this or better yet any random act towards your child that was completely unwaranted? What did you do?


Linda LaPierre said...

Oh no...poor Kate! How shocking for all of you and especially for Katie. I have to say I've not encountered any behavior like that in public. I do hope Katie is okay! Give her a kiss for me! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Parkinson Family said...

yeah what a weird boy! poor katesy!! but dan, keep a leash on him, lol come on....lol, that made me laugh. No one has ever done anything like that to my kids, some kids have pushed tyler or stuff like that but not slapped them across the face! who does that! anyways, glad kates okay!

Kristi Hoogland said...

I don't blame you for your reaction... that's ridiculous! And I can't believe the parents weren't apologetic, and were cursing at YOU! But I feel bad for the little boy too. Its a shame some parents just don't know how to deal.

david said...

well daniel i think there are so many ways to react but who would ever think that a little boy would do that to another child. i feel so sorry for my little baby granddaughter. but you did the right thing you didn't over react and slap the little monster. always remain cool and by all means stand up for daughter. you did good. so sorry for kate hope she is ok. love ya all dad

erik and annie said...

hey brittney you won the harold the duck contest (parks picked the winning paper out of a bowl!!!) just tell us your address and we will send you the book

Aaron and Chels Allred said...

at the very least, at least she tried to spank him or whatever. that was kind of a funny story! i love kids. haha.

SoCalGal said...

Okay, I'm playing the devil's advocate here. Yes, little out of line saying that to the mom. She obviously thought it was a serious situation by immediately repremanding her son. Heaven forbid you ever have a "biting" son and be chewed out by the mother of a child whom your son bit. It doesn't mean you are a terrible mom, just that you are raising a 3-4 year old who has some behavioral issues. Don't misunderstand - it is not excusable what he did, but you never know the whole story. For example, maybe the boy has autism? Maybe he is abused? There are lots of other reasons he may have done that. I would definitely think your confrontation would have been warrented if the mother did nothing, but it sounds like she repremanded him right away. I don't know - take it from a mom whose son isn't always the nicest to other kids, but that doesn't mean I am a bad mom and don't discipline my child. Glad little Kate is okay :(

Mom said...

Dan you are a great dad, Kate is so blessed to have you in her life, I'm just glad that you were there and that she is fine.
love you all