Dinner w friends.

A couple weeks ago our friends Jess, Joan and Jared came to town for a work conference and so generously took us out to Dinner at Benihanna. YUM! We had a great time!

After dinner we took them over to Luv-it and got some frozen custard, it was a pretty funny night because while we were there a guy politely asked for 50 cents from daniel to buy a drink from the nearby convenient store, daniel gave him the change and not even 5 mins later 2 cops show up and park right behind us blocking us in, one gets out and says "anyone here hitting a child?" We are like what?!?! I think he saw that by how happy Kate was that this was not going on with us. So he said never mind, i can see it's not you, then they head over to the convenient store and arrest some guy. It was really weird and funny cause reight before we went i was like, it looks kinda ghetto from the outside and in the area, but its really good... haha. Thanks for enjoying the night with us hurtado family. P.S. we really missed seeing janae.

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Mom said...

How fun!!Jess and Joan and Jared look great and of course you all look wonderful!!!