Memorial Day...

We spent our 3 day weekend up in Brianhead with Daniel's Family (minus dustin + rachy, which we missed!). We had so much fun and Kate LOVED being in the mountains! We went four-wheeling, ate, played games, and enjoyed eachothers company. The whole time we were there we kept asking Kate if she wanted to go on a four-wheeler ride and she would always decline. On our last day, her Papa took her on one and she came back totally asleep! When we got her off she woke up and said "again," So Daniel took her again, she was loving it! Thanks, ron and kathie, for inviting us to get away for the weekend, We had a blast!


Linda LaPierre said...

She fell asleep on a 4-wheeler? Must have been all that fresh air and bouncing around! Loved the pictures! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Mom said...

How fun, thanks for stopping by; grandpa looks like he is in heaven holding that bundle of joy. I'm glad you are wearing helmets!!
love you