An Update...

Well, we've been pretty busy lately, hence my hiatus... Summer is in full swing and we are loving every second of it... Being outside, swimming, sliding and swinging. The Las Vegas heat hasn't been too bad yet so we have been taking full advantage.

Kate is starting swim lessons next week and even though she will probably strongly DISLIKE it, she needs to learn, since we are at my in-laws a ton and they have a pool. Plus the girl LOVES water... the past few weeks when she wakes up in the morning the first thing she says to me is "mama, put my swimsuit on please."

Anyway, my 2 callings in the ward also keep me busy... Ward Camp Director (which i love, but because i'm prego i can't go to camp but still have to do all the work, but thats a story for another post) and Activites Committee Chair.

I am looking forward to a vaction... a week long one... Waterton, Canada, to be more specific. It's one of my FAVORITE vacations! It's so peaceful, laid back and soooo much FUN! I'm pretty sure Kate will LOVE being there too... last time we took her she was a litle over 3 weeks old, i can't wait to see her eyes light up at the mountains, deer in the feilds and going on long walks with her along the lakes and skipping rocks (although she will probably just be throwing rocks, not skipping them). I CAN'T WAIT!

In other news... We are so excited to meet this new baby girl. I think Kate understands a little more each day that she will be a BIG sister and that there is a baby in my tummy. We have a few names in mind... Lucy (which is what we call her) and Gwen. We like both, i am partial to Lucy... i think Kate and Lucy sounds so cute! We will see. Everyday, sometime in the day i wil be sitting on the couch and she will come up and sit on my lap facing me, she then puts her hands on my tummy and starts shaking me saying, "wake up baby lucy," Then she will look at me and say, "i wanna see baby lucy," then she kisses my tummy and gives it a BIG hug. It's so cute. Only 99 days to go. I'm thinking about being induced, Kate wasn't induced, but a week late... i just don't know if i can be a week late again... what do you think?

I still have alot to do in the 99 days before this baby come... i NEED to get kate in her big girl bed, any suggestions? i NEED to rid kate of her 'binky' obsession, any suggestions? i NEED to get the nursery done up and ready for this new baby girl.

Ok... that's all i have to say right now. To blogger... i've missed you.


Linda LaPierre said...

Kate is absolutely gorgeous! Love this picture! Save one for me! Have a great time in Canada. Kate will love it, I'm sure! Love you all. Aunt Linda.

Jack Attack said...

STRONGLY recommend Dr. Harter's induction. I won't have it any other way. it is fantastic!

as for the binkie-we told Jack when baby sister comes, he is to give all his binkies to her as a present. about puts him in tears every time. good luck!

Kerry said...

Love the names both are so cute.

The binky is a nightmare for a few days they it over like taking a band-aid off just do it quick and don't look back, You can tie them to some balloons and let them go or put them in a build a bear and them she has the bear instead. We just let Meg put them in the trash. Good luck with that!

Mom said...

Kate is so beautiful!! I think she will do fine without the binky, don't make it a big deal, it will probably take a night or two but she is a smart girl and she will understand.

Parkinson Family said...

that is such a cute!! picture!!