Celebrating 4 Years!

I can't believe how fast time flies! 4 years already? Wow! It seems like yesterday that we were dating up in Provo, enjoying ourselves with friends, flexible schedules, late nights, eating whatever we wanted, and not really knowing what was going to happen next. Now life seems to get so busy with work, church, and family. I'm sad that I really only get a few hours each day of the week with you and Kate. This past vacation to Canada was so much fun! Thanks for letting me golf and go mountain biking as much as I did!
Can you believe that our second little girl is just a few weeks away from joining us? It's going to be so much fun to have another child and especially to watch Kate become her best friend. That "sisterly" love is great, isn't it?
I'm sorry that this is a day late. I should have planned a little better and been a little more on the ball with writing this to you. Sure, I could blame it on getting home Sunday from vacation or your 22 hr trip to CA the day before but those are just excuses and I should've done better.
Let me say just a few of the things I adore about you.
  • You're always available to talk with me, about anything
  • The way how you know exactly what's on my mind and how I'm feeling
  • I love when you and Kate call during the day and hate when I miss those calls
  • When you surprise me by making the trip over to the office just to say hi, those are seriously the greatest visits!
  • Your creative ideas to make our house a home and our little girls' rooms their favorite places to be
  • The fact that you're always looking for ways to help others and share your talents with them, whether it's my mom (cell phone plans, directv, computer, etc), her neighbors, your friends, your family, or anyone else
  • I love that we always go to bed together no matter if one of us isn't necessarily tired
  • I love to take trips with you and watch you fall asleep in the seat next to me
  • The fact that you are organized, like to have a clean and orderly home (and garage, which I plan to organize with you this weekend)
  • Your testimony and love for the gospel are examples to me of focusing on the simple things first and that we have our whole lives to figure out all of the details
  • The time you spend teaching Kate the alphabet, her numbers, how to do puzzles and read books, sing primary songs, dress her dolls, clean up her messes, take naps, and everything else great about her that I know starts with you
  • Your patience with spending everyday with a 2 year old and having to clean up after her and do eveything else in your power to combat her 1 minute attention span
  • Your love for your family, especially Kyle on his mission. It's evident that you are proud of his service and grateful for what he is accomplishing
  • The way that you just seem to do everything right
  • How you always seem to have the right answer about things even when I think I do
  • How you gave 110% to your camp calling but weren't able to enjoy the fruits of your labors. I know that was difficult for you but that you also learned life lessons from those trials
  • The way that you always do your best to make my special days truly special, birthdays, father's day, annivesary, etc (I'm doing my best to keep up with you ;)
  • The fact that you are quick to forgive and able to get over things fast
  • Your loyalty to your friends

There is so much more and I feel like I could go on forever. Thanks babe for everything you do for me and for making the past 4 years my best 4 years! I love you tons!


Ficklins said...

What a sweet post. You are both so blesses to have what you do !! Happy 4 years!!!

Brittney said...

:) Love you too! Thanks babe! xoxo... Can't wait to see you when you get home from work!

Linda LaPierre said...

Wow, Daniel....that was beautiful! You both are so good together. I, too, can't believe its been 4 years already! Congratulations! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Tanner and Andrea said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are great for each other. Wow- i just looked over and noticed that your baby is due in 35 days!!! What an exciting time!

david said...

congrats on the 4 yrs daniel i want to thankyou for taking good care of my baby girl and making her so happy. you both are wonderful children of GOD who are and will be such great examples to your kids. brittney has always been a joy to all of us in our family and we are all blessed to have you daniel in our family as well. love ya all dad

Kara Benson said...

How DANG sweet! (tear) - love you guys!

kathie said...

Wow, what a great son, husband, father and how blessed and lucky we are to have such a wonderful Daughter(in-law), wife, mother that is taking care of your family daniel, you made the best choice ever. I am so grateful for both of you and how you are choosing to live your earth lives. I love you both SO much, I ditto everything you said about Britt, she is amazing and you forgot one...she would NEVER cheat!!:)

Parkinson Family said...

so sweet dan!!! happy anniversary!!