Canada... (photo overload!)

We are finally back! Although it's good to be home, it's ALWAYS sad to leave the beautiful Waterton! It definitely makes the 40+ hour round trip drive so worth it, really... it's one of our favorite vacations! And this year did not disappoint... It was kate's second time there, her first was when she was 3 weeks old. She had a BLAST! We arrived there around 1 pm on thursday after leaving wednesday and driving all though the night... Kate was great in the car (she slept most of the time) and right when we got there Darren swept her up and took her down to the new park (they completely re did it and it's a little kids dream!). When they came back we asked kate if she wanted to stay at the cabin or go back home and in her excited little voice she exclaimed "I want to stay in cabin in canada!" The weather was great with the exception of a couple rainy days, the company was great (thanks Benson's), the scenery was just as breathtaking as the last time we were there, hiking with kate was an adventure, horse back riding, bear searching, shopping downtown, consuming "Big Scoop Ice Cream" everyday was a must and delicous as always, Kate's favortie flavor: coookie an keem aka: cookies and cream, multiple trips to the candy shop and pats for $1 slurpees, bike rides around the town, skipping rocks at the lake, a boat ride to the border, picnics and a little hike to a gorgeous waterfall, playing games til midnight and beyond, the scary bat that lurks in the cabin at night, and being with family that we LOVE so dearly and are so grateful for! Can't wait to go back!
Here are a TON of pictures from our trip with a few captions (and i do mean a TON!) Enjoy.

We headed to cameron lake, just a few hours after we arrived, for boat rides... a great way to start our week! Multiple laughs and smiles were provided, which included trying to switch boats in the middle of the lake and ron falling off his seat while rowing the row boat.

This mama was spotted multible times with her 2 cubs.

Our trip to the candy store... she was in overwhelm and had no idea what to choose!

i love this face... which she makes everytime you say "smile, kate!"

The next day we hiked Crandell Lake, darren and ron biked it and while turing a corner darren came about 15 feet away with a big brown bear. Luckily, the bear strolled off just after looking darren straight in the eyes!

These kids had so much fun hiking and especially when we got to the Lake.

Kate and i were constantly at the back of the pack because she was collecting rocks.

Made it to the Lake, and it sure was a beauty!

Make no mistake, this glacier moutain water was SO COLD, but the kids didn't care!

On our way back, insted of collecting rocks, she was collecting flowers.

Diving back into town we spotted this grizzly not to far from the road.

This "baby deer" and many more deer are constantly around the cabin, the little kids loved looking for them each day!

On anther day, we piled into the boat and cruised to the border and then to a trial for a picnic and a little hike.

The shaved line of trees indicates the us/canada border.

We stopped for a photo opt...

And then headed on a trial to a beautiful waterfall...

Again, the freezing cold glacier water... i only wish i would have taken a picture of Josh's face when he jumped out of the water.

The Prince Of Wales Hotel

Back at the cabin...

Inside during the rain... Darren keeping Kate entertained.

Horse back riding at the Alpine Stables.

Photos in front of the cabin...

Kate and her first Pony Ride!

It took her a little bit to warm up to Ike (the pony)... but she soon LOVED it!

Holding the cats around the stable.

Mimi, Papa and Kate.

The view from the Prince of Wales Hotel.

The End.

Thanks again to Lloyd, Kris, Josh, Kara, Brooklyn, Brady, Cooper, Brittany, Jordan... Kathie, Ron, Rachel, Dustin, Cami, Tanner, Darren, Daniel + Kate
For a GREAT time!


Anonymous said...

those pictures are amazing. it looks like so much fun up there.

Laura Fiegel said...

It looks like you had such a lovely time! Kate, as usual, is beyond precious :) You look fantastic and I can't believe that in 34 days (or less), Baby Girl#2 will be making her entrance!! Take care :)

Aaron and Chels Allred said...

Your pictures are beautiful...what a rad place!!! How fun! AND...your 8 month prego belly is darling!

Tanner and Andrea said...

looks like such a cool place to visit. that is my kind of vacation. i dont know about those bears though.. yikes. brittney- seriously your pictures are so gorgeous... you are such a great photographer. i love looking at them.

Linda LaPierre said...

What a beautiful place. You are a great photographer, Britt! The photos are fabulous! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

kathie said...

Girl, these took me right back! You have a great eye.. I'm so glad you love to take pictures..I'll post some of mine and yours will look even Better!!

carly said...

You guys look like you had a blast! Your pictures are so pretty. Kate is such a big girl! oh my goodness. She is just gorgeous.

Brittany Seager said...

thank you for a great time!
the pics are awesome!

Rosie said...

These are darling pictures, and what a beautiful place! I want to visit Canada now..

Parkinson Family said...

all the pictures are awesome!!! love them all!