I feel like i have nothing to blog about. All i've been doing is cleaning, organizing, sleeping, eating... and of course, playing with Kate.

I'm sure i'm driving Daniel crazy with my "honey do list" and my restless nights. He's so good to me and never gets a break... from work he comes home to more work and helps me with whatever i want! He's just so perfect for me! Our 4 year anniversary was just last week and i am so grateful to be married to him! Our day was pretty relaxing and spent with ourselves and our girl. I love me some good ole family time.

Kate has also been so good to me! Whenever i'm running errands or just busy with projects, she has just been the best girl... she seems very excited to be a big sister and is very anxious for lucy to come! She is constantly saying " i want to play with baby lucy." She is going to be the BEST big sister!
I'm excited for this pregnancy to be over... although it's gone quite fast, the heartburn (which i have never had in my entire life) is killer! I've been trying to convince my doctor (who i LOVE) to induce me on 9/9/09, I'm technically due 9 days later on 9/18/09. It was pretty easy actually... I asked and he said he had to check his schedule and get back to me... he already has one induction scheduled that day... i'll find out on Monday when i see him again... cross your fingers.

On another note... On my way home from Canada i got an email from SYTYCD for tickets for the FINALE! Of course i went and along with me i took the fab 4 crew (Stacey, Stacie + Brit). We woke up that morning and started our drive at 7:30 am to HOLLYWOOD, CA! Got there, got in line, got our tickets!

Then went to Uwink for lunch, then back to the car to get ready for the show. And it was AWE.SOME! We had a GREAT time, and who wouldn't with these wonderful ladies!

We headed back right after the show at 9:30 pm and pulled back into vegas at about 2 am. Long day but totally worth it.

Then last night another girls night out took us to see Julie & Julia... which was so good... and hilarious! LOVE IT!

Another girls night is in the works for The Time Traveler's Wife... i CANNOT wait to see it... i almost stayed after julie & julia to see it at 12:01 am... but i didn't drive my own car... Oh, and another girls night out to celebrate baby lucy sometime soon, maybe dinner and bowling? or bingo? I'm down for whatever. Anyone in?

Well, i guess i had quite a bit to blog about... Thanks for reading.


Linda LaPierre said...

Nothing to blog about, huh? You're 8 months pregnant and doing all those things and planning more. That's just like you, Britt! Don't EVER change! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

david said...

britt finally a new story to hear. great pics and you always can just put up something with your families pics in it and we would be happy. kate looks great and she will be such a great big sister. love ya all dad

Tanner and Andrea said...

so i have ? for ya... about a painting for M's new playroom. I know you are probably really busy with the new baby almost here... but i have been trying to think of art for his playroom and all of a sudden- it hit me... i'd LOVE to hang one of your paintings up in his room... so- i was just kind of wondering about sizes and pricing. if you want to email me- andreanpeterson@yahoo.com...
Thanks so much... hope all is going well with the baby!

Parkinson Family said...