Sisterly Love.

And the story goes like this...

One day last week the weather, here in Las Vegas, was gorgeous.
So we headed out back to play.
Kate was swinging and sliding and digging...
And Lucy was smiling and giggling.
So i took advantage of the Kodak moment and started snapping away.

I only shot about 3 photos when Kate noticed and wanted to be apart of the photo session.
So she hopped right in...

Lucy got a little jealous and annoyed that Kate had stole the spotlight from her.
At first Lucy just whined but then...

...It got physical.
Lucy was tired of being bullied by her big sister.

So she let Kate know, not so politely, that it was her turn to get attention from mom.

Kate wasn't going to be pushed around by her little sister.

And so she retaliated.

In the end, they are sisters.
And they really do love each other a lot.

All sisters fight once in a while, right?

I Love these girls. I really, really do!


Daniel said...

Nothing like a little "sistely love"

Linda LaPierre said...

Yep...all sisters fight once in awhile - as do brothers and sisters, but they always end up loving each other after it's over! Two gorgeous little gals! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

carly said...

that reminds me of me and my sister. except if your girls were me and my sister, kate would have twisted lucy's arm behind her back and head butted her. your girls are sweeter.
they are so cute

Parkinson Family said...

yeah id say sisters fight, lol
cute cute cutE

Meg said...

haha, brittany they are so darling, love the pictures.