I've been slacking...

I know... i know oh too well.

I have a ton to tell you.
I have a ton to show you.

My life the past couple weeks has been consumed...
Consumed with...
kids (of course)
keeping the husband happy
keeping a somewhat orderly house
young women's lessons
young women's activities
airbrush tanning
flyers, invites, pricing, etc... in 2 different collections for endless glow
girls camp fundraiser...
which included 65 dozen cinnamon rolls, 52 chicken enchilada meals, 16 chicken alfredo meals, 60 salads and 30 dozen cupcakes
a reception/open house, which i photographed
saying goodbye to some dear friends who will be moving to atlanta
Daniel's birthday
Mother's day
Brit P's birthday

So i do have some reason for my lack of blog posting...
Hopefully i can get myself together, download 2000+ photos onto my computer from my camera, get editing and post something....

Cause i know you are waiting for it.

Til then...
If you haven't read this conference talk (from the priesthood session), then do it... so good.


Parkinson Family said...

glad you guys are doing well and keeping busy! hope to see you soon! cya!
p.s. people at daves work were asking me about the tanning...it was funny! i was like yay its awesome!! i'll let you know when shes in town!

Linda LaPierre said...

I'm getting airbrushed next Saturday morning. Hope it comes out good. Any hints I should know about? Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxoxo