A post... finally.

Blue skies were upon us one spring day in st george. This was probably over a month ago. Linds (my sis) and the kids were in st george for a couple days, so we took a day trip to hang out. Tyler and Kate are the best of friends, they always ask about each other and are always wondering when the next time they can see each other.

The splash park on main is a spot we frequent. It is literally a block away from my mom's. So we strap the kids in the stroller and walk down. It entertains for hours, seriously.

Like i said, they are the best of friends.

It's always good to have uncle Kevin around... he's always such a BIG help.

And Lucy Pearl... she was content in her car seat and flying in the air.

The End... hope to edit more photos tonight and resume posting... but i got a lot to catch up on.


Zach and Zaira Benson said...

I love Kate's swimsuit. Did you get it at target? I saw it when I was in Vegas & I almost bought it for my future girl haha. Crazy!

carly said...

yay! new posts

Linda LaPierre said...

Whew....I was getting withdrawal symptoms after not seeing any posts for such a long time. :)! Great photos, Britt. Love you all so much! Aunt Linda xoxo

jaclyn anderson said...

Brit Kate is too cute! I love that swimsuit!