I'm Currently...

... Excited for my bro to get home!
... Editing a ton of photos, from disneyland and others that need to be delivered to their owners.
... Listening to kate ask for things, multiple things, like: please open this kite. can i have an icee? come outside. is the wind super windy? what did you paint mom?
... Enjoying the weather.
... Wondering where to go to watch the fight tonight.
... Thinking of vacations this summer.
... Wanting to go to New York sometime this year... hoping to get good flights, i just keep checking. any suggestions?
... Loving my husband for doing the dishes!
... Rooting for USA in the World Cup this month.
... Hoping my house will clean itself.
... Wishing i could lose weight by eating food.
... too tired to do anything else right now, but sit on the couch.

The End... for now.
What are you currently doing?

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