Welcome Home Kyle!

This is my brother.
He faithfully served a 2 year mission for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, in Richmond, Virginia.
I am so proud of him.
We all are.
He hasn't seen Kate since she was 1o months old.
He's never met Lucy.
Tonight will be a sweet, sweet reunion.
I can not wait!
Welcome home brother.

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Natalie said...

yay! we are so proud of him too! please give him our hugs and congratulations. We actually plotted out a way to come this weekend, but already had elle's birthday party planned...DANG! we thought about driving in the night, but it just wasn't falling together well. But please know we seriously thought about coming. We'd love to come up for a visit another time.

Please tell Kyle Anthony is so proud of him and says hi! A phone call would be SO WONDERFUL! so if Kyle gets a minute have him give Anth a ring!