Me and My baby.

Kate is a total Daddy's Girl...
and i love it. It's so cute to see her love her daddy so much.

Lucy is such a Mama's girl...
and I LOVE it too.

There's nobody she would rather be with than me.
When i hold her she doesn't want to go to anyone else.
When she see's me she come straight for me.
She's the sweetest little thing.
I could hug and kiss her all day long.
I love seeing her face light up and her arms go out, all for me.

Love you, Lucy Pearl.

P.S. i'm kinda sad she growing old. 11 months in a few days. i am soaking up the rest of this baby time before she turns one and becomes a toddler on me.


Linda LaPierre said...

Lucy keeps getting cuter all the time! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

Pris said...

she is absolutely gorgeous! her eyes are amazing :)

Natalie said...

ahhh...love those baby days. she is an absolute doll! those cheeks and those precious eyes. my goodness...love on her lots!

Ilia True said...

WHAT a snuggle bug, makes me want a girl! She has a beautiful mama too!

Melissa said...

Brit, these pics are precious!! Love them. You can really feel the love between the both of you. Priceless. :)