Speading a little Chirstmas cheer.

Remember this photo from my last post? It was at my favorite craft show.

Well, i went ahead and made my own...

I think it turned out awesome!

So, as promised... i am sharing the file so you can have one too!

Here's what you need to do to make your own:
1. E-mail me and let me know you want one!
[brittneydye@gmail.com -- please title the e-mail 'Christmas Art']

2. Upload the photo file to costco, sam's club or any photo processing center and go pick it up.
[make sure you are ordering a 16x20 print.]

3. Go here and print out a coupon for 40% off.
[actually, now through Dec. 4 there's a 50%off coupon!]
4. Pick out your favorite 16x20 frame from Aaron Brothers.
5. Put the print in the frame and hang or place it wherever you desire.
6. Ta Da! You're done and have a new Christmas decor item!

Stay tuned... i'm working on some other poster ideas...


Shauna said...

Brit! It's nearly spot on! Great job! :)

Jack Attack said...

me!me!me! I love that I have talented friends. nicely done

Chels Allred said...

super cute! good job!

Hilary said...

That is so cute! I love it!

Stephanie said...

YEAH!!! CONGRATS!!! It looks great!