Views of an iPhone...

It's been a while, huh? While i still have so much to update you on, i picked the easiest thing first... Life, as seen through the lens of my iphone. The other things will have to wait... until then, enjoy the following update.

1. Canada is on the blogging list... if i ever have enough time to edit the photos from the 2 week vacation. This is Grannybird and i on the plane headed back to LV from Great Falls, MT... Lucy was also on the plane ride, while kate had a fun adventure driving home with mimi, papa and darren. They pit stopped in Lehi, Ut to drop kate off for another 3-4 day stay with her aunt lindsey, uncle dave and cousins: tyler, hailey and natalie. Kate had an awesome summer vacation, to say the least.

2. Went here tonight, with the youth of our ward. Always a fun night when hanging out with the crew from the SH ward.

3. I am completely obsessed with eyelash extensions! And i am truly blessed (and lucky) that my sis-in-law, cami, is a pro at them. Check her out here. {BEST THING EVER!}

4. This little gal got this for her birthday, she loves it, just like every other kid!

5. This sweet one is a super helper. She always does what i ask with a smile... well, most of the time.

6. These two are quite the partners in crime. Lucy follows Kate everywhere. She is keeping up quite well. They play all the time together.

7. Lucy learned to walk a couple months ago. She is everywhere! I love when babies learn to walk, so cute!

8. I can't claim this photo. It was taken by cami. She braved the mall with these rugrats while we were out of town.

9. We were in SLC for Daniel's [2] mission reunions, this was taken on our ride home. I've always loved road trips with this man, actually i love doing anything with him!

10. Lucy has a new found love with sunglasses. Love her curiosity with all things new!

11. Kate's Wish List.
[We were at costco last month and kate saw all these toys she wanted for christmas. I told her we would take pictures of them and send them to santa, she was so excited!]

12. Lucy loves babies. Playing with them, kissing them... even being one, she's a good team player.

13. While checking out motorcycle helmets, kate and lucy decided to test drive a four wheeler.

14. One day after getting ready, i walked into the loft hearing laughter and seeing this. When asked, "what are you two doing?" Kate replied, "just looking at nature out the window."
i Love these two!

15. Recently, Princess Lucy cannot stay still for a photograph. Hence, blurry photos.

16. A couple weeks ago it would not stop raining. We enjoyed it so very much! [Reminded me of my NOLA days.]

17. Traveled to Sedona, AZ for my {wonderful} mom-in-laws bday. Enjoyed the spa all day with my favorite girls. It was awesome! This was the only photo i took with my phone.

18. She is growing too fast. Anyone know how to stop time?

19. H... is for Hat. Kate LOVES, LOVES, LOVES preschool. And how can she not, when she makes cute accessories like this? Not to mention her teachers are amazing!!!

20. For recipe group this month i made an apple pie. The theme was all about pumpkin, but i'm a rebel sometimes, so instead made this. Took a photo of the recipe i used instead of printing out a ton of copies.

21. Went out with BS[squared] one night and while picking up utley found her husband in full hunting gear. We might have made fun of him a bit. Sorry joe. And i loved papa's famous words, "i'm a lover, not a fighter."

22. Anyone else like to watch their kids sleep? I love it. They are so peaceful.

23. We moved the fish tank the other day so i could put up my christmas decor. [it was right in the spot where my christmas tree goes.] I actually think i like it better in it's current location. Glad my husband is so willing to do anything for me [husbands, take notes.]

24. Snuggled up with my two and watched Beauty and the Beast just a couple days ago. Animal crackers were a good substitute for popcorn. [but i must put popcorn on my shopping list for next time]

25. Finally got my chirstmas stuff up. Here is the kids' christmas tree. [in the family room]

26. And in the living room, the other Tree.

27. My favorite craft show is this weekend. Got this adorable 'merry christmas' banner.

28. It is also the season of family photos. Got our CD in the mail a few days ago and i went right ahead and changed out my frames.

29. I love my family.

30. Saw this at the craft show... going to make it myself... anyone else want one?

31. Ok, don't judge me, but i went to the craft show again tonight with my good friend Steph. We couldn't resist the kodak moment when we saw these. After the craft show we headed to BJ's for dinner and a pizookie.. What a great night! Thanks steph!

The end... for now.


Hilary said...

cute pictures britt! i love the picture from the craft show...i want one!

michelle said...

Your Christmas decorations are so cute! I do love the frame - let me know if you're serious about making multiples. Love all the pictures you take - easy to do when your girls are that cute, right?

Stephanie said...

yeah for traditions!!!! Had so much fun!!!

David and Melissa Gardner said...

That craft show thing was so cute, I would love to have one. Let me know, I would put it together myself if I had all the stuff.