Park Day in St George.

We were in St George for the big day and while we had some down time, we took the kiddos to the Washington City Park.
These cousins absolutely adore each other!
Kate asks about them constantly.
We wished they lived closer.
But since we are NOT moving to Utah and they are NOT moving to Vegas,
We love meeting in the middle and letting them go crazy for a couple days.

Lucy is obsessed with slides.
She pretty much went up and down the entire time we were there.

Kate and Tyler ran around, chased each other, climbed
and slid down multiple slides and poles.

They calmed down for a bit for me to snap a few face shots.
Ain't he cute? Love my Ty.

This is the youngest of the clan (for now), Natalie.
It took a while to get her to smile.
But i finally was funny enough for her to crack a smile.
She's a beauty.

I loved watching them play.

Last but not least (of the parkinson 3 - almost 4), Hailey.
Not sure if she really likes me.
But she sure did smile for the camera.

I can already tell that Natalie and Lucy are going to be really good friends.
They are about 2 moths apart.
Natalie is older.
I know, i know... you would think opposite,
but Lindsey's kids are always small and my kids are always huge!

They love each other... can't you tell??

They share similar characteristics...
like running from their parents.

oh how i love my nieces and nephews.
Let's get together soon!


Linda LaPierre said...

It's so good seeing all my great nieces and nephew playing and having fun. Sure wish we all lived closer! Great pictures, Britt! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox

piercemaster said...

brittney awesome pictures i love to see the grandkids playing and enjoy there lives. love ya all dad

Chelsea said...

You need to try the twirly whirly park, properly known as cottonwood cove park 1027 south Dixie drive. It's Andrew's favorite park. Everytime we go to see my parents he asks to go there.