Views of an iPhone {vol. 3}

Another iPhone update. So here it goes.

Daniel and i saw KA in January. I loved it!
It was such a fun date night.

Daniel and i went to the gift shop and tried on some masks.

I liked the story and all of the effects.

The fire was pretty cool too!

Kate loves taking pictures.
She posed her barbies and snapped away. (just like her mama) :)

Lucy loves sunglasses (i think i've said this before).
Look at her, so happy!


L also loves the bath. She thinks she's so big.

Sometimes after i pick up kate from school we meet daniel for lunch.
Here we are at JAMMS.
it was delicious.

Kate being dramatic in the car.
She got pretty upset when i took the photo. oops.

At my in-laws.
My mom-in-law was taking care of me (actually my kids) when i was under the weather.

Lucy at mimi's.
Drawing, coloring, writing.
Like i said, she thinks she so big.

Answering phone's at papa's office.

K smiling after getting her BK crown.

The girls love these 'road slides'.
The put their hands up and scream.
It's so fun.

Aren't these beanies adorable???
Mimi's friend (Granny Janny) made them.
The girls love them.
I'm sad its getting warmer,
i'll have to pack these up soon and save them for next year.
I'm just in love with them.
Thanks Granny Janny!! You are so talented!!!

Another 'hat' that Lucy loves to wear.
If kate'ss not wearing it, then Lucy is.

Ride on toys and bikes... their favorites.

All smiles.

They both think drinking the water straight from the faucet is sooo funny.

Getting ready for bed.
Pink cowboys boots and all.

Playing at Cami and Tanner's house.
In their furniture.

This cute girl belongs to her.
I was watching her one day and was trying really hard to get her to smile.
It worked!

Soda drinker.
i know, it's bad.
But we only let her drink it once in a while.

Chillin' during a sunday ride.

Kate looking through the peep hole.
Every since she discovered this, she constantly says,
"mom, i'll look and see if anyone is here."
Thanks kate.

Lucy + shoes = inseparable.

I've been going back to the gym.
Thinking about running RAGNAR with some friends.
(i was obviously not running here... just walking.)

At St George.
Hailey and Kate.
Keeping them busy with Sleeping Beauty.

Saw this sweet baby's birth.
Coolest thing ever.
Love her.
(My cousin, sandy's, baby... Taya Rose.)

Dinner at Hokkaido. So good!
With friends, danny and steph.
Love date nights with them... even if sometimes it includes my kids.

Kate did this all by herself.
I asked her where she learned to do that.
She said, her Aunt Rachel taught it to her.

Mardi Gras Subway art.
I've also done A St Patty's day one and A couple Happy Birthday ones...
hopefully will get them up shortly.. even though it's a little late.

Lucy pulling Kate in the Mega Blocks Wagon.

Got a Pedi for Valentine's Day... thanks to Kathie and Ron.
Love me some pedis.

I spontaneously cut Lucy's hair last month.
I really like it.
I think she looks like a little girl.
Not gonna lie, i miss my baby.

K and L helped me make cupcakes for New Beginnings.
Thanks to Kris for all her cake tips, they turned out awesome!!!

Mini popsicles are the best.
The perfect size and
No mess cause they eat them before they even melt.

Lucy loves for me to brush her hair just like i brush kate's hair.

Kate broke her toe.
She couldn't walk for 3 days.
She spent one whole day watching tv and movies on my bed.

Lucy joined her for a few shows and took control of the remote.

Here's the toe.
And the cast.
Her 2nd.
At this rate we will have a one every other year.
She picked pink once again...
although she asked for rainbow color,
they didn't have that, so she settled for the pink.

Watched this cute girl one day.
Kate and Ella played so great together.
We turned on The little mermaid,
popped popcorn, ate chocolate and enjoyed the movie.

Ron and Daniel moved offices recently.
And before they had their conference table in
we set up a projector and had movie night over there.
The kids thought it was pretty cool.
Tarzan was on the big screen.

More to come... hopefully.
If i can get my act together.

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Amanda Tippetts said...

Wow, that was an amazing post! I feel like I got to know you guys again... I obviously need to take more pictures. Your girls are darling and I wish we were still around so they could be buddies.