Easter: Egg Hunt and Swimming.

We celebrated Easter at Richard and Angie's. Lounging by the pool, eating, talking and hunting for eggs. I really think that Kate spent more time in the pool than out of it that day. Her and Paisley were having a blast. Lucy enjoyed running in and out of the pool, eating (of course) and picking up eggs during her first easter egg hunt! It was a great Saturday!

Paisley is daniel's cousin, heather's, daughter. She is only one month younger than Kate. They got along so well together. The whole weekend all Kate talked about was Paisley.
"Mom, is paisley going to be there?"
"Mom, can paisley come over later so we can play?"
"Mom, i had so much fun with Paisley!"
And Kate still talks about her. It was so cute. Wish they lived closer.

Betsy was really liking the candy and Hudson was just interested in the eggs.

Ok, so i love this next photo! When i was editing these photos, i came to this one and i felt like i was a photographer on America's Next Top Model (yes i watch that show). Brynley totally stole the show in this photo! The wind is blowing perfect and the background is the perfect setting. Thanks for being my model Brynley!

I love this girl... she always makes me smile. She's getting so big! 20 months! Really? I just want her to stay little. She's so sweet.

The End.

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