{FLASHBACK} en route to Waterton, Canada 2010

Last year Kathie {my mom-in-law} and I braved the 20+ hour drive with my two strapped in the back. It was an adventure to say the least.
Our 20+ hour journey soon turned into a 30+ hour adventure!
The kids did fantastic and we enjoyed taking our time stopping in Provo, Ut {where we met up with the Parcells}; Dillon, Mt and Butte, Mt.
In Butte, we discovered a slew of quaint yet fabulous Antique shops.

Where we {I} made a few purchases that i was quite happy with.
One being in this last photo. Isn't she a beauty {My model is pretty beautiful too}??
For a mere $10 i ended up with a fantastic vintage baby stroller and photo prop.
I must say i very much liked to town of Butte, Mt {even though it's nickname is the armpit of Montana... I completely disagree.}

...Stay tuned. There's more to come! Are you enjoying this mini series of flashbacks? Cause i sure am!


Chels Allred said...

that place looks awesome! and that stroller must be mine!!!

Linda LaPierre said...

Oh boy... I want to stop in Butte, MT, too, when we're on our way to Waterton!. Can't wait til August! Love you all. Aunt Linda xoxox