{FLASHBACK} Bertha Falls Canada Aug 2010

Ok, normally i am not a hiker.
But in Canada I love to hike.
Really, my love for {Canada} hiking started last year.
Everyone always talks about such beautiful scenery during hikes and it really got me interested.
So i ventured out my box and decided to try some pretty long hikes {that's another post}.
Bertha Falls is a shorter hike. About 3 to 4 miles to the falls and back.
So we decided to take the kids.
They loved it.
Mimi, Papa, Darren and Kate made a few pit stops for berry picking.
Saskatoon Berries are pretty popular in these parts {especially with the bears}.
Anyway, they are great to eat right off the bushes.
And boy... did they eat.

Another great thing about Waterton are the flowers.
I love photographing all of them {not as much as my mother in law}.
They are all so different and still so beautiful.
Here are a few photos i took while hiking to Bertha Falls.

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Julie said...

Beautiful Pictures!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love reading your posts :)