Hoogle Zoo and Gardner Village. - Utah 2012

We ventured to the Zoo while in Utah. We had never been. It was such a great zoo! Not too big, not too small, just perfect. It was a bit hot, but nothing a few Vegas girls couldn't handle. All the kids had a great time seeing all the different animals. My favorite was the Polar Bear. He was so active and fun to watch. Lucy loved the tigers and Kate thought the giraffes were so cool!

A couple days before we went home we took a Girls Day Out and went to Gardner Village to have a tea party. This was the cutest thing! Dolls, hats, aprons... Kate, Lucy, Hailey and Nat had a great time. We sipped on Raspberry Lemonade ate mini cupcakes and cookies. We went on a fairy hunt and chatted the day away. What a fun lunch date with our girls!

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